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To this day I can vividly recall the moment in time when my Uncle Joe opened up his tackle box, showed me a Jitterbug lure, and then gave it to me! I had never heard of such artificial bait and was even more excited to learn that it was effective during the night. (I had never even heard of night fishing, a great excuse for my parents to let me stay outside later!)

That was almost 40 years ago. I think I was 13 and didn't have a clue that my old Arbogast Jitterbug would be the envy of every vintage fishing lure collector by the time my own boys were 13!

Stories like these are common amongst anglers. Fishing is about so much more than just catching fish. It's memories and good times from "the good ole days" and I think that's why many Vintage lure collectors are so passionate about their hobby.

The hobby of collecting old antique lures is growing. There's never been a better time in history than now to find and collect lures. With the introduction of the Internet, locating scarce lures to complete a display makes what used to be almost impossible just 20 years ago, a simple search on the computer in this age. In a matter of days or even hours, hard to find, elusive lures can be found today!

This is great news for us collectors! Whether you are a hardcore collector or a hobbyist just starting out, old fishing lures can be found with great ease at many price points on internet auction sites, particularly eBay. From crank bait, spinners, minnows, plugs, flatfish, jitterbugs, flys or any other type of vintage artificial fishing bait, you'll find it on the Internet!

If you are interested in antique and vintage fishing lures, reels or tackle in general, and haven't seen the many listings posted on eBay, it would be worth your while to take a peek. Ebay sign up is fast and easy & the selection of classic lures available for purchase is second to none!

This site will make your search for specific lures & reels a snap! Most of the classic names like Heddon, Creek Chub, Helin, Paw Paw,

Bagley, South Bend and Storm are in their own categories and broken down from there to help you find exactly what you need!

For those ultra rare collectibles, the ones that are in extremely good condition or small production numbers, there's always the search box. Imagine finding an old Pflueger Muskellunge Minnow from the 1890's or a 1920's Hollow Metal Outing Bassy GETUM from Heddon? How about a Bud Stewart Michigan baby duckling, a Bite Em bait or a Little Sac Tackle Co. Meramec minnow or a Vintage Emmerson & Ruhren Saltwater Striper surf lure?

Those are some fantastic lures and those very lures are just a few examples of the many rare, highly sought after antique and vintage names that have been obtained through the internet. It happens everyday and it could happen for you!

Where do all of these lures come from? Some are from collectors who have decided to down-size or sell out. Others are from professional sellers who seek these collectibles for the sole purpose of re-selling. My favorite sellers are those folks who stumble upon a stash of lures!

These are ordinary people, many who don't even fish, who just happen to be cleaning out Grandpas house, attic or garage. In the process, they find a stash of fishing gear that is instantly recognizable as old. Not having an interest in it, but not having the heart to throw it out because they know it's of some value, they list it on eBay!

This is where the deals can be found! These folks might find 50 lures in an old tackle box and have no idea what they are worth and start the bidding super low. With a little luck these auctions can be won for a steal!

Even better are the folks who just offer up the entire tackle box, lures and all! It is not uncommon to find a few classic lures brand new, still in the box with these "lot" auctions!

Buying in lots can also be a good way to start a collection if you are just beginning this hobby. While you may not hit the jackpot with a highly sought after collectible lure, you'll likely find a few nice starter pieces for your vintage lure display. From there you can build, trade and add pieces as your knowledge and collection grows.

Not everybody interested in vintage artificial bait is a collector either. Many fisherman swear by the older designs, patterns, colors and manufacturing procedures of the 20th century for catching 21st century fish!

Vintage lures and tackle not in display condition can still be found rather cheap. Often it just needs a hook replacement or a touch up paint job. While a seasoned collector would notice these imperfections right away, a hungry and curious fish will jump at that vintage lure in an instant, collectible or not!

Be sure to read some of our informational articles we've supplied for you. These will arm you with some fantastic knowledge concerning the pioneers of the fishing lure or artificial bait industry! We've included the top-dogs of these companies in our research and feel the material will help your search for vintage collectible fishing lures more successful and enjoyable.